Kinetic email

kinetic email

The way that we consume data has changed drastically over the years. In 2017, roughly 269 billion business and consumer emails were sent, and that number is expected to rise to over 333 billion in the next four years. This means that getting noticed is getting harder, so you need something that can help you stand out from the crowd. Kinetic emails are just that.


Kinetic emails utilise the latest internet technology, allowing Email Artisan can create stunning dynamic emails that never disappoint.
Kinetic means 'to do with motion', and kinetic emails are precisely that - using the interest the human mind has for movement and interactivity to draw attention and as a result, convert your customers.
Where a standard email might stand there, dull and boring, kinetic email reaches out and grabs your attention. Through modern coding techniques using HTML5 and CSS, a kinetic email includes elements intended to focus the eye. An animation that showcases your product with class and enticing the reader to engage with your content.
Kinetic emails are at the forefront of 21st-century email marketing, giving the humble message a vibrant edge.

How Do Kinetic Emails Help Marketing?

Everyone in marketing has experienced the difficulty in getting their product or message to stand out from the competition. When that competition is global, and the amount of exposure is magnified, it gets even harder to be heard.
Kinetic emails will give you the edge over your competitors that is essential. The worth of the ability to tailor a fully interactive experience to engage your audience cannot be under-estimated.
It has been experienced, time and time again, that the eye-catching nature and improved interactivity of a kinetic email boost click-through rates a considerable amount, generating upwards of 50% more leads and ultimately increase business.

Kinetic Email and Online Shopping

For the direct sales market or e-commerce, the power of a kinetic email is even stronger. With the ability to embed a shopping cart into the email, potential customers are shown to be more willing to spend, no longer having to walk through a long sequence of links to put the promoted items into their basket - instead a single click inside the email can be all that is needed to go from awareness to sale.

Building the Ideal Kinetic Email

Creating the perfect email is an art. Email Artisans are here to work with you to design and develop the ideal kinetic email to showcase your messages and products. We are expert craftspeople, adept in translating your vision from an idea into a fully formed and functional product. Though it might be a tired cliché - it remains true that you are only limited by your imagination!
Our expert programmers are well-versed in the range of techniques and options available, and we can discuss those with you to ensure you do not miss out on some of the more subtle methods available. For more information, check out our email design services.

Kinetik emails examples

Examples of Kinetic Elements

The following are all examples of the pieces of a kinetic email that can be incorporated into your design. Because it runs on the same technology as a modern web page, a kinetic email can bring an experience to your audience similar to that of a website. Only, with the knowledge of the target market, it's a web page designed specifically with them in mind!

Image Slider

Image slider for emails
Video for emails


Flip over effect

Flip and scratch effect for emails
Countdown for emails