Email Development Agency

Email Development agency

Coding emails in html is not quite the same as coding a website, there’s an art to doing it right and achieving great results. This is where Email Artisan comes in to play. Our expert team can create beautifully crafted and engaging HTML emails which can integrate with your current Email Service Provider.

It has been almost fifty years since the very first email was sent, the electronic messaging system is constantly developing. With instant worldwide receipt, marketers recognise email as an important tool for content delivery, more now than ever. Email provides the opportunity to engage with an audience no matter their timezone or location.

As technology improves, there is no longer a need to relegate emails to long-form text messages. Vibrant and colourful written content, embedded photos and custom graphics, quality video, and interactive elements – all are possible with a little skill. Moreover, at Email Artisan, we have a great deal of skill!

Crafting code

There are a lot of marketing agencies out there who will say that they can help, but are they truly experts? We work with small businesses to large corporations, all looking for something different from their email marketing. Utilising the power of HTML5 and CSS, our artisans dedicate their time to developing the perfect email. With a true passion for meticulous programming, we aspire to build the finest email marketing templates, taking your vision and design and converting it into a multi-platform communique to inspire the audience.

Our code is optimised to perform above all expectations on every platform. It is important that every element of an impactful email be responsive and we work diligently to bring that quality to every product. The result is a fast, enticing message that encourages engagement every time. Eschewing lazy automation, we hand-code each email. This way, we are sure of error-free, pixel-perfect results that we check and test multiple times before approval. For us, it is a craft we practice every day, striving for perfection.


How we work

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All the steps from Brief to Delivery

Feature Headline

Submitting a brief

Initially, we would ask you to submit a short brief. One of the main things that we need to know early on is whether or not you have a chosen Email Service Provider. If you don’t, we can make a recommendation. We also want to know what ideas you have. You might have an image of what you’re looking for, that we can use to build your HTML or CSS email, but you might not. We can work with you to build on a concept and get you where you want to be.

Design and Build

Now it’s time to get to work! Our team write all of the code by hand. Using your designs or concepts, we’ll get to work writing the HTML or CSS for your appropriate Email Service Provider, using best practice techniques. When we’ve finished working our magic, you will receive a link that will allow you to review your email. If you’re not happy, we’ll go back and forth as many times as it takes for you to be 100% satisfied with the visuals of your email.


We rigorously test every email, using services such as Litmus or Email on Acid to test both the spam score and how the email looks visually in multiple email clients. If there are any changes, then we go back to design and build. All being well, we will send you screenshots of how your email will look across different email clients. For more information about how to test your emails, check out our Extensive Testing and Quality Control page.

Sign off and delivery

When you’re completely happy, we’ll package up the source files (and provide instructions if needs be) and you should be on your road to success. If you need any further help though, we ask that you simply get in touch. No question is a silly question, and we want to ensure that our customers are completely comfortable.

Email Marketing

When an email coded by Email Artisan arrives in an inbox, you can be assured that it catches the eye of its target. With impactful visuals and responsive elements that entice interaction, the conversion rate of our emails is some of the highest in the industry. Do away with poor-quality text-based communication between yourselves and your customers, and move to a successful sales strategy.